Sara Day Evans

Posted January 19th, 2013 in Bios by esaraday

Sara Day Evans, founding Partner of Prosperity Collective, is an award-winning, innovative, sustainability program manager, social entrepreneur, Pollinator who for over 17 years has delivered outstanding results through strong leadership, creativity, and collaboration. In 2013, she launched the nation’s first “nature-based” business accelerator, Accelerating Appalachia, focusing of sustainable food, farming, forest products, fiber and clean energy. She has worked in Appalachia and the southeast in service to people and planet, and was awarded a presidential commendation for her work with the health and livelihood of women in Appalachia. Her expertise and passion are in reaching a broad and deep spectrum of community insight and knowledge to serve her community and business clients. She is equally skilled at leveraging funding and resources from the private and public sector to support community and business needs. She developed NC’s first Green Economy Resources Directory. SaraDay is degreed in Geology and Hydrogeology from the University of Kentucky and was the first undergraduate in the history of the University of Missouri’ to be accepted into their law school, where she studied Water Law. As manager of Kentucky’s solid waste planning program, she led the development of Kentucky’s first fund for solid waste management, which led to an 85% decrease in illegal dumping and a 25% increase in recycling. Sara Day first love is music and writing, and she is professional singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Additionally, Sara Day has:

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